The following items represent a basic checklist to help you find the right resources to manage your loved one’s passing.

Social Security: Your Funeral Director will notify the social security office of the death but family will also need to call Social Security at 800-772-1213 to make an appointment if eligible for benefits.

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Death Certificate: The cost is $25.00 for the certified copy. Additionally there is a $20 filing fee required by the state of Oregon. Death certificates are needed for insurance, insured loans, stocks or bonds in joint ownership and for real property in joint ownership (this list is not all inclusive).

Home and Real Estate: Take certified copy of death certificate to the tax assessor’s office at the Douglas County Court House 1036 SE Douglas Roseburg, Oregon (541) 672-3311. If your property is out of county file a death certificate in that county. Usually there is a charge to record the certificate.

Banks: Be sure to notify each bank of the death. Transfer all money accounts to your name. (Bank accounts, government bonds, time saving certificates, etc.) Also check to see if bank or credit union loans or installment contracts are insured for the balance.

DMV: For each vehicle you will need to take the certificate of title and death certificate to change ownership to the DMV office nearest you. For office locations call 541-440-3395.

Safety Deposit: Joint ownership – remove deceased’s name. Single ownership – contact your bank.

Stocks and Bonds: Write or call the stock company or the broker about procedure to transfer stocks into your name.

Veterans Administration: Widows pension, property tax exemption and veteran’s affairs – contact Veterans Service Office at (541) 440-1000. The funeral home will apply for the flag application and veteran headstone for placement in your cemetery of choice.

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Insurance: Pearson’s Funeral Home will assist you in filing for employment, auto, accidentally and life insurance.