Thomas F Carter 1930 ~ 2019

I died the other day. For those that enjoy exacting dates, it was on May 16th, 2019. I'll be staying in Roseburg for some time. Until the Lord returns - straightens out the world - then decides if he wants to continue our relationship. Until then, if you would like to say hello, you may drop by my place at the VA Cemetery off of Harvard Ave.

I started this adventure in Marshfield, OR (Coos Bay) on August 1, 1930, thanks to my father William H. Doc Carter and of course my mother Emma Pearl (Wilson) Carter. For my mathematically challenged friends, I died at 88 years old. Times were tough! The folks moved back to this area with my older brother Bruce Wilson Carter and my sister Thelma Eliza (Carter-Fitzgerald-Pittman). My father continued in the tire business until his death in 1954. I started first grade with Miss Sweeney at Fullerton, which is now the studio and offices of KPIC, eventually graduating from Roseburg and then off to the University of Oregon.

In late October of 1950, President Truman apparently decided my services were desperately required in Korea. My cousin, Faith DeBernardi, called and informed me I had seven days before my Army draft notice was to be mailed. I quickly judged rather than having the bad guys shooting at me, it would be much safer having them just shooting at the boat I was on! So, it was off for four years with the Navy.

It wasn't long before I was aboard the recommissioned USS McNair destroyer headed for Boston and eventually off to the East coast of North Korea. After one really cold winter we kept on going - all the way around this really wet rock we live on. The Navy then decided my services were best utilized with Naval Intelligence operation in Berlin and then down to Frankfurt.

While working at our family business, Carter Tire and Appliance, we won a GE Hawaiian Holiday contest. It was at the Royal Hawaiian where I met the most beautiful young woman. Marcella Jane Wescott relinquished a historically famous English name, as we were married at the Roseburg First Christian Church on July 27th, 1957. Had I not met and married this wonderful woman, I'm sure you would have read something like this some 40 or more years earlier.

Our union was blessed with William Wescott Carter, then our daughter Catherine Jane Baranek and Douglas Wilson Carter.

Marcy and I have been fortunate in that I was able to retire at 50 years of age, so traveling was on my bucket list, which meant several visits to Ireland, Scotland, and England, as well as visits to France, Spain, and Japan.

Final services, if any, will be arranged by my family. By now, having been reduced to the same basic earthly stock of Adam, any service is really for those convinced some appearance in church just might enhance their possibility of --ah well, never mind! Hope to see y'all later.

Note from family: A memorial service will be held Friday, June 7, 2019, at 3 p.m. at the Roseburg National VA Cemetery.