Pearson’s Funeral Home—a partner funeral home—is the first funeral home west of the Mississippi to provide a green alternative to traditional cremation.  AQUAMATION by dissolution provides an energy efficient, flameless alternative to traditional cremation.  It utilizes water, temperature, and alkalinity to accelerate the body’s natural processes of tissue hydrolysis. In this process all organic substances are consumed or driven off, except bone fragments completing the circle of life and returning the remains back to the earth. Aquamation is considered to be an environmentally friendly choice because fossil fuel is not directly used in the process. The remains from this process look and are chemically the same as cremated remains and are returned to the family in an urn; they can be buried at a cemetery in a full size plot or in special cremation burial spaces.

Burial At Sea

We are unique in this offering... We believe most people don't know that a giant cemetery lays just off shore. Hundreds of thousands of people over the millennium have buried their loved one at sea.


With our own crematory, you can be assured that your love one is always in our care. Our team has the largest on hand selection of urns and keepsake items in the area.